Certus Bookkeeping, LLC

When I decided to get back into accounting and began building my business, I wasn’t prepared to see the impact we bookkeepers have on business owners. Not only do we help them focus on what they do best, helping their businesses succeed means their families are taken care of too. This is what gives me the greatest satisfaction of being their bookkeeper. My services enable my clients to be better; inside and outside of their business. Never underestimate the importance of solid accounting.

I like working with other accounting firms because the industry has always fascinated me since my college days. I have always liked math, and the debits and credits really spoke to me.

You may have heard the old adage, “the cobblers kids wear no shoes.” Or the one about how contractor’s spouses have to call other contractors to fix their house! It is no different in accounting. Spending time or resources on the books of your own business takes away from revenue-producing activities. Outsourcing the bookkeeping for your accounting practice just makes sense.


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