Creative Gift Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Christmas is a demanding time for many people, but for the small business owner it can be downright stressful. Often you’re dealing with end-of-year fiscal matters, tying up loose ends if you’re closing for a few days, and dealing with all the ins and outs of planning a staff Christmas party.

On top of all that, you’re likely worried about buying gifts for your loved ones and your employees. Often, business owners solve their gift-giving problems with gift cards—and there’s nothing wrong with a coffee card so your employees come to work properly caffeinated. There is a way, however, to buy fun gifts that show you pay attention to the people who work for you, and show you appreciate them.

Gifts based on workplace issues

No workplace is perfect, and acknowledging that in your gift-giving is a fun way to show the people who work at your business that you have empathy with their pain.

Do you have a workplace that’s noisy or where people are constantly distracted by office activities? Give your employees noise cancelling headphones. They can use the headphones to stay focused on their tasks while listening to their favourite songs or audiobooks.

Are there issues with people leaving their dishes in the staff room sink? Buy reusable water bottles for everyone. Even better, get them monogrammed with names or initials. Now there’s no need for anyone to worry about another person’s unwashed glass ever again. Do people say the office could use decorating? Buy cool picture frames so workers can put photos of their loved ones on their desks.

Take a minor issue in the office—something that doesn’t cause a lot of tension, but that could be made better—and use your Christmas gift as a fun solution.

Gifts based on the things they love

Everyone at your business has a life outside the office. They all have activities they love or causes they’re passionate about. Buy gifts for people based on the things they love outside their employment. It shows you care enough to pay attention to them and the things they enjoy.

If your employees are fanatics about sports teams, buy them unique sports memorabilia from their favourite teams. If you have people who love travel, buy them reusable luggage tags. If they love to write, buy them a nice journal.

Final thoughts

Your Christmas gifts show employees you appreciate them. You don’t have to buy expensive items, but if you’re looking to do something more than a gift card or a donation to a non-profit organization, taking the time to put a bit of effort into your Christmas presents is the way to go.

Of course, if you don’t want to buy gifts you could always offer an extra paid day off on top of the days off they already have. Employees can always use more days off.

Keep in mind that the best gift you can give your employees is the gift of being an excellent employer year round. If you’re a great employer, most employees will value your presents no matter what you give them.